Misspelled signs highlight bigger issues at Jackson Heights subway station: neighborhood group

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Tse

A spelling error was an easy fix, but according to the 82nd Street Partnership, there are bigger issues the MTA needs to look into at a Jackson Heights subway station.

On August 5, as Cheryl Tse, project consultant for the 82nd Street Partnership, was on her commute home waiting on the No. 7 train platform at the 82nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue subway station, she looked up to find an “e’” missing on the word “Roosevelt.”

“I just noticed it because it was such a beautiful day, I walked out and was enjoying the sun and I turned around and saw the sign,” said Tse, who then noticed the signs across the platform were also misspelled. “I couldn’t believe it.”

A total of four signs at the 82nd Street subway station misspelled the word “Roosevelt” as “Roosvelt” and were up for approximately one year, said the MTA.

“It showed lack of attention to detail,” said Tse.

After posting a photo on Twitter of her finding, word of the misspelling spread and made it to the MTA’s attention. By the afternoon the next day, the signs were fixed.

Yet Tse said that although this problem was an easy and quick fix there are many other issues the

MTA has to address to improve the subway station and underpass in order to make it a better experience for commuters and pedestrians.

The 82nd Street Partnership will meet with the MTA on September 12 to discuss enhancements to the 82nd Street subway station, as well as along the underpass of the elevated No. 7 train. The group will bring up the condition of the general station and structure of the station and underpass.

If you have any ideas and feedback you would like to share with the MTA, contact the 82nd Street Partnership via Twitter @82StQueens.



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