Star of Queens: Joseph Wind, treasurer, photographer, Bellerose Hillside Civic Association


Community Service: Joseph Wind is the treasurer and photographer of the Bellerose Hillside Civic Association.

“My service is to the Bellerose area. It’s important to me to help preserve the quality of life in my neighborhood,” says Wind.

He also served as a member of the Community Advisory Board of the ICL Milestone Residence and a former volunteer for Long Island Jewish Hospital.

“When I served on the Milestone Board, our goal was to remove the stigma associated with mentally challenged individuals,” said Wind. “I got a great deal of satisfaction from helping them realize their potential.”

Background: His father, Jerry Wind, is the president of the Bellerose Hillside Civic Association and executive secretary of Community Board 13. This has greatly influenced Joseph to become a civic leader as well.

“I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and have overcome most of my problems. This inspired me to help other individuals that have mental disabilities.”

Favorite Memory: “My favorite civic-related memory was when I received a Citation from Assemblymember David Weprin for my service at the Milestone Residence.”

He continued, “In the summertime, I participated in Friends and Family Day, an event which reached out to the local community. This was always a lot of fun and I met many interesting people.”

Biggest Challenge: “My biggest challenge, as a mentally-challenged person myself, was to be accepted into the civic community by my peers,” says Wind. “It makes me feel good when my opinions are sought after.”

Inspiration: “My father is my greatest inspiration.” Wind explains, “He never gave up on me and helped me overcome many of the social problems in my early life. He has been helping our community for many years and showed me the importance of ‘getting involved.’”