Forget horse carriages and focus on the budget

An open letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio:

I am writing on behalf of city Public Advocate Leticia James with a need so severe for those who need help in our city that there is no doubt her budget needs to be increased.

It is impossible for her to provide the kind of service needed in all five boroughs. She should have a deputy in an office in each of the five boroughs of our city.

Think back to when you were our public advocate. I am sure with all you accomplished, more could have been done had you had more resources and staff. With James dealing with school co-location and breakfast for all students, her help to you on universal pre-kindergarten gave some impetus to bringing it about.

Mr. Mayor, please leave the horses alone and spend that energy in getting the budget for our public advocate increased so she can become more effective in providing services to the much-needed people of the city we all love.

A written response to this request would be greatly appreciated. Continue the good work you have started and do not let the horses pull you in the wrong direction.

Charles L. Norris Sr.

St. Albans

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