Queens Da Brown Welcomes Summer Interns

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown announced on Monday, June 2, that 80 law school and college students are participating in the Queens District Attorney’s Office annual 10-week volunteer summer internship program. Brown said, “This is a hands-on internship program that my staff and I conduct each summer,” Brown said. “It exposes students from law schools and universities, who are interested in a career in law, to the inner workings of a major prosecutor’s office.” The program, which began this week, attracted more than 800 applicants. Among the interns selected for this year’s program are students from the State and City Universities of New York, as well as those from as far away as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Illinois. Law students–from both local schools and from across the country–make up the majority of the interns. As part of the annual program, a lecture series is set up each week for the interns at which Brown and members of his staff speak on a variety of legal topics followed by a question and answer session. Chief Assistant District Attorney John M. Ryan told the summer class how while in law school he was undecided about his future plans until he accepted an offer of an internship with the District Attorney’s office more than 40 years ago–which set him on his career path as a prosecutor.