Fighting to Keep ‘net Neutrality’

Dear Editor:

When we turn on our computer, tablet or phones, we expect that the business that provides our internet service will not block or slow down the internet as long as we pay our bills. This principle-that all data on and users of the internet be treated equally by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)-is known as net neutrality.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently proposed a regulation that would allow ISPs to slow down the websites of content providers like Netflix or HBO if they do not pay an additional fee to ISPs. In effect, this rule would create a “fast-track” for certain websites that would cost more to access.

This new regulation would be disastrous for both content providers and for internet users. Most small businesses or individuals trying to start a website would not be able to afford to get on the fast track, and would see their web traffic slow down to a crawl. Moreover, the costs of this fee would almost certainly be passed down to consumers-meaning that you would pay more to visit many of the websites you use today.

This is unacceptable. The FCC rule will end the open internet that we enjoy today. An open internet creates jobs, encourages innovation, and makes life easier for millions of Americans. I fully support net neutrality and will continue to fight to preserve it.

You can also make your views on net neutrality known by sending a comment to the FCC by Wednesday, Sept. 10. Comments can be emailed to [email protected] or submitted online.

I will continue to monitor this effort to ensure a free internet, but should the rulemaking process fail to serve the public interested, we in Congress will consider legislation to fix the problem.

Rep. Grace Meng

N.Y. Sixth Congressional District

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