GOP women wage war on selves

What is all this buzz about the Republican war on women? Is it just a political stunt to gain the female vote?

Recently there was the “Not My Boss’ Business Act” put forth in the U.S. Senate, attempting to hold a vote on nullifying the U.S. Supreme Court’s majority decision in favor of Hobby Lobby to decide on no-choice as opposed to pro-choice concerning a woman’s right to make decisions concerning her own body.

The majority Supreme Court’s decision was made by five conservative Catholic men and the dissenting votes on women’s rights by three women and one man: three Jews and one Catholic. Hardly shocking.

The Senate vote was equally predictable: 50 percent of the Republican female senators — both of them — voted against Hobby Lobby. They were Susan Collins, of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska. The other 50 percent of the female Republicans — the other two — who voted against their responsibility over their own bodies were Deb Fischer, of Nebraska, and Kelly Ayotte, of New Hampshire.

All 43 of the Republican male senators voted against women’s rights with the exception of Mark Kirk, of Illinois.

I hope each man who thinks he is a man’s man does not ostracize himself as a girly boy. Maybe he even hates war. Oh, my.

As expected, all 16 Democratic female senators with all 37 male senators voted in favor of the women. Brian Schatz, of Hawaii, did not vote.

What is all this buzz about the Republican war on women?

Nicholas Zizelis