Less Fund-raising, More Work Needed

Dear Editor:

Did you miss President Obama’s most recent fund-raising stops last Friday in Westchester County. One was at the home of Camilo Patrigani, the chief executive of Greenwood Energy, a subsidiary of Libra. This was hosted by George Logotheits, a shipping heir and chairman of the Libra group along with his wife, Nitzia Logothetis who is founder of Selenti, a nonprofit company which promotes mental health for woman. at $32,400 per person.

The second was at the estate of Robert and Carol Wolf. This was hosted by Robert Wolf, former chairman of UBS Americas along with his wife, Carol Wolf, who manages special projects for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. nations for $15,000 and more per couple.

How ironic that Obama visited at a time 6.6 percent of New Yorkers are out of work (with another 7 percent who have just given up looking resulting in a real unemployment rate of 13.6 percent). Is this the “change we can believe in” (Obama’s 2008 campaign promise)?

Obama continues to enjoy building up his “frequent flyer” mileage with his dozens of political campaign fundraising events. Each trip on “Air Force One” cost taxpayers a fortune for logistics and secret service protection. We are stuck with the tab for police and traffic support.

No previous president has spent so much time away from Washington to participate in a record number of fundraising events than Obama.

With all the current crises, including the spike in illegal border crossing, veterans not being treated, illegal IRS investigations, Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine along with ISIS, one would think the President would spend more time at work.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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