How to make traffic move on Main Street

By Susan Scharf

A letter to the DOT & MTA:

Queens is NOT Manhattan. We rely on many forms of transportation. One form should not take priority over another. You want traffic to move smoothly on Main Street? May I suggest:

1) Designate turn lanes with turn signals, preferably fixing the one-way streets to allow for turns. (Come and see what was done south of Main Street/north of Union Turnpike, a complete mockery.)

2) Synchronize the lights to make the flow better, especially since the 25 mph speed limit has been instituted (insanity and of itself).

3) Ticket double-parked cars/commercial vehicles or figure out how to have MORE parking available.

4) Replace muni-meters with parking meters because parking meters designate specific parking spots, making more spots available, and turnaround is quicker when you don’t have to hunt for the muni-meter which can be all the way down the block. (Another insane fix by whom? DOT? MTA?)

I’m sure there are many other things we can think of, if we are given the opportunity and don’t have these proposals shoved down our throats! WE LIVE HERE – YOU DON’T.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Susan Scharf

Flushing/Queensboro Hill