A crossing guard was hit by a car while escorting Whitestone kids across street

Photo: Google Maps

Parents and children were horrified to witness a school crossing guard being hit and dragged by a vehicle in front of a Whitestone school early Monday morning.

The unidentified woman was assisting children across the street when the accident occurred near P.S. 209 at 16-10 Utopia Pkwy. at 7:40 a.m.

A source at the scene says many children were nearby to witness the traumatizing incident as it unfolded and that the woman was dragged about three feet by the car after the initial impact. A group of parents were able to pull the crossing guard out from under the car and set her down on the sidewalk and she reportedly suffered an injury to her leg, which began to noticeably swell shortly afterward.

A school source who wanted to remain anonymous said the crossing guard may have inadvertently prevented serious injury from befalling the children when she got in the way of the car.

“She probably saved some kids’ lives,” the source said.

According to two separate accounts, the crossing guard was reportedly conscious and in stable condition after the incident.

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