Queens Tiles Unlimited knows the secret to clean tiles after installation

Whether laid by a professional or doing the job yourself, installing new tiles is an investment of both time and money, so it’s important that you do your homework beforehand to ensure the job is done correctly. Part of that homework is the proper cleaning of the tiles after the job is complete and it’s a step most homeowners neglect or simply are not aware of.

The professionals at Queens-based Tiles Unlimited can help. Their comprehensive showroom extends beyond the widest selection of tiles in New York City. It includes everything you’ll need to properly care for your tiles, so they retain their new-tile glow, including a staff that is knowledgeable and helpful, to guarantee your project is successful and your tiles look their best.

Impossible Marks on Your Porcelain Floor?
Porcelain tiles are the most frequently used materials for floors, because they are very practical. But if not adequately maintained, they can easily get dirty. The tiles often have a fine layer of residual grouting or concrete, which can only be eliminated with specific products that do not harm the material. Ordinary, often harsh, household cleaners are not up to the task. Tiles Unlimited recommends DETERDEK and CR-10, from Fila Solutions; the ideal products for cleaning floors that were not thoroughly cleaned after installation or that have only recently been installed.

Thanks to its acid-based formula, it effectively removes building site dirt without harming metal profiles. Let’s take a look at how to use it properly: first wet the floors, then dilute DETERDEK in water and apply this solution a few meters at a time, waiting 2 to 3 minutes and then rubbing hard with a flat brush. At this point, the floor can be rinsed with plenty of water.

If your surface has tiles with epoxy grouting, use FILACR10, the cleaner for epoxy residues ideal for walls and floors in porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles as well as glass mosaics. Its viscous formula makes it the ideal product for washing vertical surfaces and it also works on larger, old residues.

DETERDEK can also be used to combat efflorescence or ‘white spots’ on your outdoor tile. The white substance forms a powder-like coating made up of soluble salts and moisture, which migrate to the surface, evaporate and leave a salt deposit behind. As well as affecting porous masonry, efflorescence can also migrate through a grout joint, so it’s a problem that can affect both natural stone and ceramic installations.

Sealing and Enhancing Stone Floor Tiles
When a newly installed stone floor doesn’t look up to scratch, the tiles are often blamed. Many mistakenly believe that the tiles are inferior in some way, or that there is an issue with the installation. More often than not, it comes down to one small thing; a poor initial cleaning. After a stone floor has been installed, it should always be cleaned thoroughly, using a quality pH-neutral detergent—like FILACLEANER—not just with a bucket of warm water! It takes a bit longer but it can make or break an installation.

If you use water alone, you’ll effectively be sloshing manufacturing dust, dirt and grout residues across the surface of the tiles. Once the floor is dry, the film of residue—or grout haze—will become visible. Then, when you seal the tiles, this residue will become sandwiched between the tile’s surface and the sealant. As well as ruining the look of the installation, it will also store up problems for the future: the sealant won’t be able to absorb properly into the tile, so its performance will be compromised. Dirt will be built up on the surface more quickly, making the problem even worse.

To avoid these problems, always ensure that the floor is cleaned properly after installation with a pH-neutral cleaner such as FILACLEANER as it is safe to use on all natural materials including stone.

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