Save the next Freddie

By Heather Moore

It’s a relief that Freddie, the cow who escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, will get to spend the rest of his days at a sanctuary where he’ll be able to enjoy the company of other cows. If you want to help charismatic animals like Freddie, please go vegan.

All animals are individuals with personalities and feelings. Cows, for example, are gentle animals who form lifelong friendships and mourn when they lose a loved one.

If Freddie had gone to slaughter, he likely would have been hung upside-down and had his throat cut. He may have had to fight and gasp for his last breath,.

Not all animals are able to escape from the slaughterhouse like this resourceful cow did, but none of them want to be killed. They value their lives just as we value ours. To help animals like Freddie, eat vegan meats and other tasty plant-based foods instead of meat and dairy products. Visit www.PETA.org for free vegan recipes and product suggestions.

Heather Moore

PETA Foundation

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