Rego Park Jewish Center: Summer in the city!

Queens Rego Park Jewish Center

Summer arrived at the end of June and already the streets of the City, including Queens, have taken on a different pace – people are enjoying the warm sunshine at the Donald Manes park at 68th Ave and Yellowstone Blvd.  Children are hopping around joyfully as the cool water spray soothes their skin in the heat.  Sunbathers lie on the cool grass, listening to music.  Streets are more peaceful than at other times of the year.  Vacation plans are in full swing.  Kids are going to camp and there is a tranquility to the lazy, hazy days of summer.

July 4th will be celebrated by fantastic fireworks, barbeques and other events to commemorate the 240th year of the founding of our beloved country.  It is difficult to imagine our founding fathers sitting in full dress of their times, in the humid heat of Philadelphia, carving out the words of our constitution, by which we live and will always protect.  Americans, native born, or naturalized, should take a moment during this time, to honor those men for their insight, loyalty and intelligence who gave us what amounted to an experiment, for there was never before, nor will there ever be again, another country like ours. We must diligently protect this experiment that became the United States. We should remember always the millions of men and women who paid the ultimate price to keep this country free, ensuring that it will always be a beacon of hope for the entire world.

At the Rego Park Jewish Center regular services are always held but even here, most events are in hiatus during the summer months.  The RPJC has finished major renovations to the inside of our temple so that when autumn arrives all will be ready to issue in a new year. This is a good time to have children register for the new Hebrew school term.  Do come in with your kids and see how many exciting and interesting things there are for kids and adults.  You will be most welcome.

– Sandi Goodman

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