Check out this spectacular Halloween display at this Astoria home

Photos courtesy of Amy Hsieh Wu

Halloween is quickly approaching and we’re starting to see more and more houses get decked out in the spookiest decorations. However, there’s a house in Astoria that you’ll definitely want to check out this year.

Located at 22-13 26th St., this house is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Halloween decorations. The homeowner, Vicky Poumpouridis, has spent years collecting and curating her spooky decorations.


“I am so happy that others – and this includes not just children but quite literally people of all ages – get as much joy out of seeing the Halloween decorations come to life as I do,” said Poumpouridis. “Every year, as Halloween approaches, people who remember the years prior ask about what’s in store this year.  I just love it.”

Poumpouridis tries to start decorating as soon as she can every year. She looks for the best decorations all year round and lays out the overall design, including animatronics, props, and lighting, way before Halloween. This year, thanks to good weather and time, she was able to finish setting up her decorations and unveil her spooky exterior on Oct. 10.

The results are amazing, rivaling the design of Disney’s “Tower of Terror.” With the help of her sister Kyriaki, Poumpouridis’s spooktacular home is ready to welcome all trick-or-treaters who dare to approach her house.



Video courtesy of Amy Hsieh Wu

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