Politlcs should be about public service

By Maria DeInnocentiis

Politics used to be a noble calling of public service, but over the years, it has largely devolved into elected officials who are more interested in sound-bites than in doing the work we elected them to do.

Here locally, however, we are fortunate to have an exception to the rule in our assemblywoman Nily Rozic. Nily has demonstrated a work ethic and moral compass second to none. She is visible and always interested in hearing the needs of the community she represents.

In our neighborhood you can see an excellent example of her determination to “get the job done” for her constituents. 188th Street is a major north/south thoroughfare in our community. If you drive on 188th Street, you noticed the sinking street at the 75th Avenue intersection. After more than one year of DOT and DEP blaming each other with no resolution, our assemblywoman took up the challenge and pursued both city agencies to get them to do their job. It took a while, but they finally pulled an emergency permit, dug up the street and repaired the broken and leaking sewer main.

I know that without her help cars, trucks and buses would still be hitting that depression. The red tape is thick, but with her help it was fixed.

This election is about results as much as qualifications. Nily is a dedicated public servant who takes her role seriously. She is always accessible to our community. She works hard for us and deserves two more years.

Maria DeInnocentiis

Fresh Meadows

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