Rego Park Jewish Center: Why October is the perfect month

Rego Park Jewish Center: Why October is the perfect month


If there’s such a thing as a perfect month, October would be it.  It is a month of transition from the hot hazy days of the summer to cool nights, warm days, filtered sunshine and a huge number of events taking place throughout Queens.

Almost every weekend, you will find Fairs, Flea markets and other events all over the Borough and let’s not forget HOLIDAYS!  We celebrate the founding of our country by Christopher Columbus. Italian New Yorkers and other ethnic backgrounds march proudly up Fifth Avenue with bands and floats to celebrate this renowned Italian’s discovery of America!  This will come a few weeks after the Polaski Day Parade where so many Polish New Yorkers who have contributed so much to make New York the wonderful city it is, march proudly up Fifth Avenue or should I say, Polka dance up the Avenue???

You need not go very far to experience the panorama that Mother Nature puts on for us.  The gorgeous colors of orange, gold and purple interweave with the foliage that stay green all year, is something to really experience.  Walk in almost any area in Queens, especially here in Forest Hills and you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.

Speaking of holidays, Jews all over the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the New Year 5777 started the evening of Oct. 2; it continues next week with the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and ending with Simchat  Torah , the blessing of beginning anew the reading of the Torah.

Of course, the Rego Park Jewish Center is a beehive of happy preparation. Beautiful flowers will grace the Bima, the sanctuary pews gleam with fresh polish and the lovely stained glass windows sparkle and shine. This beautiful renowned Conservative Synagogue invites all to join as we give thanks to G-D for another year of life.  Famous Israeli Cantor Ruttner will, after a long day of fasting and praying, blow the Ram’s horn which will signal Yom Kippur’s end. Many of us will break our fast the evening of Oct. 12, which will be quite different from other years since we are featuring a delicious varied menu directly from our restaurant owner member, right here, at our synagogue..

October ends with Halloween – All Hallow’s Eve, so beware of witches and goblins. Do watch out for the children and give them healthy snacks.  October will soon come to an end and then everyone begins to prepare for what we call “the holidays”.  Have a healthy, peaceful and happy month!

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