NYPD officer adopts rescued dog

NYPD officer adopts rescued dog
By Patrick Donachie

JAMAICA — A rescued dog has found a new home with the NYPD officer who helped her.

On Sept. 30, Officer Joshua Sailor of the 113th Precinct was one of the officers on hand to rescue an 8-month-old pit bull who was chained behind a fence at an abandoned building near Farmers Boulevard. Sailor said the dog barely had any room to move in the space where she was. He spoke in a video produced by the NYPD about the adoption.

Police said that once the dog was free, she ran straight toward Sailor, who said at the moment it occurred to him that he wanted to adopt the dog.

Sailor eventually did adopt the dog, who he named Mila, from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“She 100 percent needed me, but I 100 percent needed her, too,” Sailor said in the video.