These Queens neighborhoods make list of best places for dating in New York City

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, real estate site StreetEasy has compiled a list of the best neighborhoods for dating in New York City, and two Queens neighborhoods make the list.

Using data from the dating app Hinge, researchers found that Astoria was the most-saved neighborhood in Queens. This means that in the borough, Astoria residents’ profiles were the most likely to be saved by other app users. The neighborhood also made the list for “most open to meeting new people.”

“Astoria residents often reciprocated by saving other users, so your odds of finding a date in Astoria are pretty high,” the analysis found.

The neighborhood was also the 29th most searched neighborhood on StreetEasy and the most searched neighborhood in Queens when it came to apartment hunting, meaning the most popular neighborhoods for dating are also the most popular neighborhoods for renting.

App users in Queens were also most likely to meet up in person if they lived in Woodside.

StreetEasy researchers looked at Hinge data among all NYC-based users in 2016 and examined save rates (if users are interested in a person’s profile, they will “save” it, so a higher save rate indicates popularity or desirability), average full conversation count (or “chattiness”) and connection to phone number exchange rate (the rate at which users connect with each other versus the rate at which they exchange phone numbers, indicating that they will likely meet outside the app).

For StreetEasy data, they analyzed all StreetEasy rental searches in 2016 to find the most searched for neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and the rate of agent contacts.

In Queens, the best neighborhoods for dating included Astoria, the Hunters Point section of Long Island City, Long Island City, Forest Hills and Sunnyside.


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