Victim complex won’t save Trump

By Benjamin M. Haber

If President Donald Trump knows he did nothing wrong, he would welcome an investigation by Robert S. Mueller lll, a person of unquestionable ability and integrity who hired a staff of an equal sterling reputation.

Surely, they would find Trump free of any improper conduct.

Instead of supporting such investigation, Trump is engaging in his typical rambunctious and dictatorial style, where if he yells loud and often enough, people will believe him. He has labeled the investigation as “the single greatest witch hunt in American history, led by some very bad people.”

I am sure Trump’s immature and absurd outbursts suggest to many people he may well have something to worry about. I believe Mr. Mueller will ignore Trump’s tantrums and do his job in a most professional and fair manner, and if Trump and his associates did nothing wrong, great.

This is a nation of laws that apply to all, including a president. It is important Mr. Mueller be permitted to conclude his task in an unimpeded fashion.

Benjamin M. Haber


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