CBS television series ‘Bull’ to film scenes in Whitestone tomorrow

Photo via WE LOVE WHITESTONE Facebook group/Valerie Lewicki‎

Whitestone will serve as the backdrop to a popular television drama series tomorrow.

According to signage posted along 10th Avenue, filming for the second season of the legal drama “Bull” will take place on July 14 beginning at 1 p.m until 2:30 a.m.

Scenes filmed will take place during a storm, according to the show’s Locations Department, and rain towers will be staged at the location. Scenes will also feature a driving shot down 10th Avenue.

In order to facilitate filming, certain parking restrictions will be in place at the following locations beginning at 8 p.m. tonight:

  • 10th Avenue, between 152nd and 154th Street and 157th and 160th Street
  • 154th Street, between Powells Cove Boulevard and 10th Avenue
  • 9th Avenue, between 154th and 157th Street
  • 157th Street, between 9th and 12th Avenue
  • 11th Avenue, between 157th and 160th Street

There will also be “temporary, intermittent” traffic diversions beginning at 7:30 p.m. on 10th Avenue between 157th and 160th Street. Residents bothered by production lighting in the nighttime hours can request blackout fabric by approaching crew members or calling 347-987-3624.

“We appreciate the privilege of being allowed to showcase your neighborhood in our series,” the note reads. “We are aware that your neighborhood has been filmed numerous times in the past and that many experiences have been unpleasant. We hope to be among the better experiences.”

“Bull” was created by Paul Attanasio, known for his work on “House” and “Homicide,” and Dr. Phil McGraw. Starring Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull, the trial consultant works with his team to use psychology, human intuition and high tech data to tip the scales of justice in his clients’ favor. The first season finale aired in May.

The show will air this fall on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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