Cops arrest creep who tried to sexually assault a Woodside woman near her home (UPDATED)

Screenshots from video provided by NYPD

Shortly after releasing video footage of the attack, cops arrested a Florida man accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman in Woodside early on Friday morning.

Christopher Prusa, 34, of Port St. Lucie, Florida was booked last night, Saturday, Aug. 4, for the attack that occurred at 3:50 a.m. on Aug. 3 in the vicinity of 55th Street and Queens Boulevard.

Authorities said the victim was about to walk through the front door when she was approached from behind by Prusa, who proceeded to forcibly grab her by the arms and pull her toward him.

The victim managed to break free from his clutches and ran away, and Prusa fled soon after, police said.

The incident was later reported to the 108th Precinct; the victim was not injured.

Following an investigation, detectives charged Prusa on Saturday with first-degree attempted rape, unlawful imprisonment, attempted assault, criminal possession of a controlled substance, sexual abuse, stalking, unlawful possession of marijuana and harassment.