Glendale private school raising funds to fix boiler after a botched repair job

Redeemer Lutheran School/GoFundMe

Redeemer Lutheran School in Glendale is seeking donations from the public through a GoFundMe campaign to fix the boiler in their facility after a contractor allegedly botched a $75,000 replacement project.

Currently at $2,225, Michael Williams, the school principal, said the boiler generates 25 to 90 percent of the school’s heat. Redeemer Lutheran hopes to raise $30,000 through GoFundMe.

The fundraising campaign aims not only to repair the boiler but also to address other costs incurred, including levies from the Department of Buildings.

Williams said that the plumber who was hired by the school is not able to immediately address the problem. He added that the company had trouble reaching their architect and renewing the Environmental Control Board license.

“There were some compliance issues that were pointed out by the DOB on inspection, one of them being that the new boiler was not registered with the DOB, which is a requirement,” Williams said. “Most plumbers don’t want to touch it because they didn’t officially work on it, so that’s what we find to be the biggest challenge.”

When Williams calls the plumber, based out of Staten Island, the phone service used by the company says the voice mailbox is full, he said. The company could not be reached for inquiry.

On the GoFundMe page, the school appeals to students, alumni and anyone else interested in making a difference and keeping their school warm.

“Last year we hired a company to do a major overhaul of our heating system. The cost was nearly $75,000,” the GoFundMe page summary said. “The company did not complete the job correctly and has left us with nearly $30,000 in bills in order to get it in compliance with the city. If Redeemer has been your grammar school, your child has [attended] Redeemer, or you just have it in your heart to help our little Red School continue its mission to serve Christ and his children, please donate. Every little bit helps and will make an impact.”

Redeemer Lutheran School, located at 69-26 Cooper Ave., offers pre-K through middle school classes and has been in the community since 1955. Click here to donate and learn more about the school’s GoFundMe campaign.