Burglaries are up in Bayside-based precinct, cops advise residents to secure their homes

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

Northeastern Queens residents beware: burglaries are on the rise in the 111th Precinct according to area police.

The Bayside-based precinct reported on their Twitter account that house break-ins were becoming especially prevalent in areas west of the Clearview Expressway.

According to precinct Captain John Hall, nine burglaries occurred from Jan. 10 to Jan. 18. The map shared on their Twitter page showed that five out of the nine burglaries happened within the Auburndale neighborhood.

Cops advised residents to close and lock their doors and windows “even if you are leaving for a few minutes” to deter burglars from entering.

In the precinct’s yearly crime recap, Hall reported that the precinct experienced their “lowest burglary number ever” in 2018, with 163 reported incidents in 2018 versus 167 burglaries in 2017.

There were 133 burglaries at residences this year versus 122 in 2017, but Hall shared that 19 percent of the burglaries last year were “failed attempts to burglarize homes.” About 25 percent of the burglaries in 2018 involved “entry through unlocked doors and windows.”