Jamaica hip-hop artist’s latest book stresses the importance of college education

Photo courtesy of Robert Torres

South Jamaica hip-hop artist and author Roberto Torres (also known as Sabor Latino), is the spreading the importance of a college education in his new fourth book entitled, “My Alma Mater Lehman College,” debuting in February.

“My Alma Mater Lehman College” includes detailed observations of Torres’ world during graduate school at Lehman College located at 250 Bedford Park Blvd W. in the Bronx.

Torres believes his new book will inspire many individuals around the world to go back to school and understand the value of a college education.

“Life is what you make it, work hard and never give up on your dreams,” said Torres, who graduated from Lehman College with a master’s degree in Education and a minor in Administration in January 2017.

Torres added, “I want people to understand the importance of education. Yes, it’s very difficult whether it’s your bachelors or masters degree…but if I can do it, they can do it too because they’ll be able to bring so much more to the table and will be prepared.”

Prior to publishing his recent book, Torres has penned and published three previous books: an autobiography titled “Sabor Latino: My Life” (2015); “Sabor Latino: Mis Grandes Canciones y Poemas” (2017); and “125 Quotes Gathered From My Life Observatio­ns” (2018).

He is working on his fifth book titled “You Are a Beautiful and Special Person,” which set to be released in April.

The South Jamaica artist is also recognized for his positive music that inspires, uplifts and motivates young people; he has one hip-hop album titled “Observaciones de mi vida Vol. 1.

“I want readers to take away the importance of never giving up in life,” said Torres. “I want them to exercise their talents, be productive members of society, and for the youth to value education and their parents.”

Torres works as a preventive case planner for a children’s welfare agency at a New York City School. He hopes his books will inspire others to believe in themselves and create positive change.

“No matter where you came from you can be successful in life,” said Torres.

“My Alma Mater Lehman College” will be available on Kindle, book-baby, Barnes and Noble, and other online bookstores.

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