Spectrum cable has come to an open-air shopping center in Bayside

Photo by Sherry Cohen Indycki

The latest business is setting up shop in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside.

Spectrum, the national TV, internet and voice company, will join several new businesses recently established in the open-air shopping mall over the past few years.

On Feb. 15, a member of the Bayside Facebook group photographed the newly posted Spectrum cable signs in a storefront previously occupied by The Children’s Place. Back in October, a representative from the Cord Meyer development company confirmed that the children’s clothing and apparel store would be replaced by a Spectrum cable store.

According to Cord Meyer, the store has been opened for business since Tuesday, Jan. 29 and will offer “the usual Spectrum services and products.”

QNS reached out to Spectrum’s parent company Charter Communications to find out how many people would be employed at the store and is awaiting a response.

The Spectrum is located next to the Panera Bread and Chico’s clothing store. Other newly established businesses in the Bay Terrace include Old Navy and Starbucks which opened back in December 2018.

Spectrum and Charter Communications fell into hot water in March of 2017 when 1800 employees went to strike over an expired agreement. Local 3 union cable technicians formerly employed by Time Warner Cable said that Charter proposed “drastic health care cuts” and sought to eliminate retirement benefits and job security.

Edit made on Feb. 20, 2019 to reflect information from Cord Meyer.