Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women firsts in aviation

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women firsts in aviation
Faces of some of the innovative females in aviation honored in Womenhs History Month.

These are among the women aviation pioneers of “ Firsts” in the aviation industry.

We have to mention local Firsts:Port Authority with two women holding the top management positions at LaGuardia Airport; General Manager Lysa Scully and Deputy General Manager Christina Callahan. Dr. Sharon DeVivo first woman President of Vaughn College.

Women Pioneers “Firsts” in aviation:

Bessica Raiche made the first accredited solo flight by a women in the US.

E, Lillian Todd was 1st woman to design and build an aircraft in 1910 and flew on Long Island Garden City

Aviation Field.

Harriet Quimby, 1st U.S. woman to earn a pilot certificate and fly across the English Channel.

Bessie Coleman, was 1st African American to earn a pilots license from FAI.

Ellen Church 1st flight attendant aboard a commercial airliner in 1930.

Amelia Earhart 1st woman to make a solo crossing the Atlantic to Ireland in 1932.

Blanche Noyes first female pilot hired by a federal agency in 1936.

Willa Brown 1st African-American woman officer in the Civil Air Patrol.

Mary Chance Vanscoyc was one of the first women air traffic controllers in 1942.

Janet Waerford Bragg was 1st African-American to earn a federal commercial pilot’s license.

Creation of Women Air Force Service Pilots in 1943.

Geraldine Mock 1st around the world solo by a woman.

Emily Howell Warner 1st woman hired as air transport pilot for scheduled airline, Frontier, 1973.

Elaine Chao 1st Asian American to President’s cabinet in American History.

Beth Moses 1st woman to make a spaceflight on a commercial launched vehicle.

Sally Kristen Ride became the first American woman in space in 1983.

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