Iron Lion Performance gym in Astoria rolls out fitness program for men over 40

Chad Frye
Photo Courtesy of Chris Carlsen

A fitness center in Astoria wants to help men over 40 reach their fitness goals with a new six-week program.

Starting on March 2, Iron Lion Performance is hosting a program aimed toward men 40 and older, encouraging them to jumpstart their fitness goals for spring.

For the six-week period, those in the program will undergo an assessment and follow a tailored fitness plan based on their fitness level and end goals.

Because Iron Lion customizes its fitness routines to each person, founder Chris Carlsen said that the company began attracting a lot of older clients. The idea for the program stemmed from a desire to help his clientele base get their bodies to look and feel better as they aged.

“The ‘Iron Lion way’ is not simply a ‘workout of the day,'” Carlsen said. “It is a fitness training gym [and system] with the purpose of providing lifelong fitness and health to the community of Astoria. We create customized programs to fit your individual needs so that you can roam ‘the den’ in the best shape of your life.”

As a former Division 1 athlete, and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), Carlsen said that fitness assessment is one of the most important parts of customizing plans for clients.

Through years of experience, Carlsen and his team have learned to personalize workouts for fitness newcomers, those who have suffered injuries and others who have not properly exercised in a decade or more.

“Our system complements everyone’s needs,” Carlsen said. “We focus on making sure we find the level that’s right for them. Our individual training system has been exactly what many people in our community have been looking for.”

“I’ve been able to successfully rehab a shoulder injury and continue to get stronger,” said client Adam Mazza. “My sons have trained here during their high school years and one is committed to playing baseball in college, and the second should be following. Iron Lion has laid out the blueprint. There is a difference between exercise and training. All the trainers at Iron Lion understand that different people should train differently and get results.”

Another factor that Carlsen’s clients appreciate about Iron Lion is the sense of community they gain from being part of the gym.

“Our sense of community and relationship building with clients allows us to achieve a holistic approach of body and mind. We offer a welcoming intensive learning environment which forages personal development beyond clients’ expectations,” said Carlsen. 

He added that each program and the information they put together for clients “empowers them” and helps them to build a confidence they might not have had.

According to Carlsen, the gym’s location also plays a factor in building a fitness community and “family atmosphere” in a transient city. He said that instead of going to a gym in Manhattan, people can work out closer to home.

Registration for the six-week program begins on Monday, Feb. 24. For more information and to learn how to register, email info@ironlionperformance.com or call 631-835-5094. Visit Iron Lion at ironlionperformance.com, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Iron Lion Performance is located at 22-77 38th St. in Astoria. 

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