Flushing artist creates new mural inspiring hope at Queens Place Mall in Elmhurst

Photo courtesy of Madison International Realty

A new mural at Queens Place Mall in Elmhurst is inspiring hope during these uncertain times. 

The mural, which is in close proximity to Elmhurst Hospital, was designed to spread the message that we are all “in it together.”

Madison International Realty commissioned the original mural by Flushing graffiti artist, Stae2, of the MAC Collective, a graffiti and mural company that specializes in branded artwork with authentic graffiti roots.

Evan Walke, portfolio manager of Madison International Realty, said the company commissioned the mural because of its interest in public art and the presence it can have in the community. 

We welcome the opportunity to provide artwork at our properties as a way to bring authenticity and inspiration to the neighborhood. Queens Place Mall is an integral part of the Elmhurst community and we believe in supporting local artists. We hope that this mural conveys the message that we are all “In It Together” as we navigate the current crises of a global pandemic and social injustices,” Walke said.

The mural, located at 88-01 Queens Blvd., took about two full days to complete, according to Stae2. The artist said the opportunity came at a perfect time as he was hoping to contribute to the community during some challenging times.

“It meant a lot to me that I would be able to paint the mural in the borough I have called home for most of my life,” Stae2 said. “I wanted to convey a colorful message that despite our differences, we have always been ‘in it together.’” 

Stae2 combines his background in street art with traditional elements of typography and graphic design. His mural designs often focus on a word or phrase, and, in this case, he wanted to focus on the word ‘together,’ he said. 

“I planned on the word being BOLD but also wanted to dissect it. My intention was to create layers using various colors and shapes to draw a parallel to Queens’ cultural layers, as the nation’s most diverse county, Stae2 said. “This diversity is what makes Queens so special to all of us.”

For Stae2, it’s a delight to see his artwork displayed and viewed by the public. 

“Unlike a planned museum trip, there is something special to me about seeing unexpected artwork on your day to day,” Stae2 said. “I also enjoy the painting process where I interact and hear what the community has to say first hand. Though it’s not always sweet, I feel as an artist I come away more educated with these experiences and interactions.”