Armed homicide suspect briefly holed up at East Elmhurst home still on lam: NYPD

Photo by Dean Moses


A suspect wanted in connection with a homicide reportedly barricaded themselves inside an East Elmhurst home on Monday morning.

NYPD emergency service units responded to the report around 11 a.m. on Jan. 4 at 26-29 98th St., according to police.

First responders completely blocked off both entries into 98th Street on Astoria Boulevard with a convoy of cruisers and trucks, cordoning off and evacuating the area’s corner deli. Officers could be observed donning bulletproof vests, helmets, shields and assault rifles in order to confront the individual in question who was thought to be armed and dangerous.

NYPD officials and a small group of locals watched the standoff as some officers remained on the stoop of the residential building while other members of the department circled the area.

A special armed NYPD response unit gathered outside the residence. (Photo by Dean Moses)

“I can’t believe this is happening here,” one onlooker said as an NYPD helicopter hovered overhead.

After about an hour into the tense situation, a unit entered the premises, swiftly moving inside with their weapons drawn. However, the person of interest was not on site, according to police sources. Soon after, residents were allowed back into the area while officers removed their blockade.

A police spokesperson could not confirm how the report of the suspect, who is still on the lam, first came in or what homicide the suspect is wanted for. The spokesperson also could not confirm whether the suspect was male or female.

Officers had a busy Monday morning with this incident occurring mere minutes after a bomb scare at Queens Place Mall, one unit even driving directly from one incident to another.

An officer carrying a shield at the scene. (Photo by Dean Moses)

Additional reporting by Jacob Kaye. This story originally appeared on amny.com.

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