Victoria’s Secrets: A bittersweet send-off

The family was all there to send the kids off to sleepaway camp!

My five grandchildren went off to sleepaway camp with smiles on four faces. But tears filled Hudson’s eyes, as he left for camp for the first time!

Seeing the kids off brought back memories of my childhood camping days. I remembered how tears dripped down my cheek as I left my parents for the first time. But I also remember how excited I would be as I ran to the bus stop years later as a teenage camper. I also have fond memories of working as a “group leader,” in which I was still a kid, but became a leader to others! Such sweet simple days!

When I got married, while still in college, my husband asked me, “Do you want to go to camp or do you want go on a honeymoon?”

It wasn’t such a silly question. I grew up in camp, having attended every summer since I was 6. During my time there, I transformed from a feisty camper, to a junior counselor and then a senior counselor before becoming a group leader and then a married lady. 

I loved camp life and I pray my grandchildren will find as much joy in their days there. 

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at the photo of my five grandchildren with their parents gathered together supporting each other with shoulders touching and arms embracing each other. 

I know they will always watch over each other — both the adults and their children. And I know they will be safe! What more can a mother wish for!

I know the kids will support each other at sleepaway camp.

Bonnie’s Nuts!

Bonnie Greenfield is the creative force behind a delicious snack food named for herself and it makes me laugh every time I say it: Bonnie’s Nuts!

Bonnie comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her husband Tod Greenfield is carrying on his dad’s tradition of greatness at Martin Greenfield Clothiers, which is known for dressing presidents, celebrities, grooms and businessmen.

When Martin Greenfield recalled his visit to fit President Obama, he said, “The president wanted me to copy a suit he had. I said no, I never copy anyone!”

Bonnie Greenfield and her “Bonnie’s Nuts!”

This comment reminds me of Bonnie, his daughter-in-law. She is an original and has created something special and unique. Her bags of crunchy nuts and gift baskets are a delight to the senses, looking good and tasting great! 

For orders of one bag or baskets visit bonniesnuts.com.

A night to remember 

The sun was slowly setting as I made my way to Easthampton Resort & Marina, located on the harbor for Dan’s Papers’ Chefs of the Hamptons event, which benefited and celebrated Easthampton’s Guild Hall’s 90th anniversary!

The event featured an extraordinary 10-course feast prepared by 10 talented chefs, with each course accompanied by a carefully selected wine. I sampled each course, making sure I tried everything because each dish was a temptation not to be missed! 

For me, adding to the night’s celebration was meeting renowned and respected New York Times Writer Florence Fabricant, a beloved member of the Guild Hall board. 

Florence Fabricant and Dan Rattiner chatting at the benefit.

Dan Rattiner was there with his wife Chris Wasserstein and greeted Florence. I watched in awe as the icons of the East End chatted together.

In addition to the beautiful food and wine, the stunning setting on the harbor made it a night to remember! 

As an added bonus, my children Elizabeth — who now leads our events division — and my son and partner Josh — Schneps Media’s CEO — helped create the night. I was one proud mom!

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