Queens, Bronx borough presidents playfully spar over ‘Welcome to Bronx’ sign error

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson got into a playful back-and-forth on Twitter following a road sign error on Jan. 26. (Photo: Carlotta Mohammed/QNS | courtesy of Gibson’s office)

Eagle-eyed drivers coming into the Bronx on the Whitestone Bridge may have caught a glimpse of an error on the “Welcome to the Bronx” sign before Wednesday morning, Jan. 26.

The blunder, first reported by NY1, listed Queens Borough President Donovan Richards’ name instead of Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson and was a hot topic on local Twitter threads — with many, including the two BPs, sharing jokes about the road sign.

“Being the BP of by far the best borough in NYC comes with an understanding that everyone always has #Queens on their mind. It’s natural,” Richards wrote in a tweet Wednesday morning.

“I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks in the Bronx, but y’all didn’t have to get rid of me already. We’re trying!” the Bronx BP jokingly tweeted at the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Gibson was elected the Bronx Borough President in November 2021 and assumed the role in January 2022. Prior to that, she served as both a City Council member and Assembly member in the Bronx.

Richards doubled down on the borough pride, saying that although the Bronx was the birthplace of hip-hop music, it was Queens that “perfected” the music genre, producing legends like Nas, LL Cool J and a Tribe Called Quest.

After serving as a Queens City Council member, Richards was again sworn in as the Queens borough president in January 2022 for a full four-year term, following a year of serving in the role.

Gibson retorted, saying that Bronx-bred rappers like Fat Joe and Remy Ma “might have to disagree.”

After some fun sparring between the BPs, Richards ultimately conceded that the “outer boroughs are the best boroughs,” to which Gibson agreed.

“I could not agree more, and I look forward to working with you colleague in bringing much needed attention and recognition to our boroughs,” Gibson said. “All love always!”

A DOT spokesperson told QNS that the sign was replaced Wednesday morning.