Victoria’s Secrets: The unique Wellington

Celebrating Todd and Liz Shapiro’s anniversary with Jim Leach, Rob Rich and Demetra Mattone.

What fun it is being in Florida and exploring the towns north, south and west of Palm Beach, where I’ve made my home at The Colony Hotel

Friends had told me about the town of Wellington, due west of Palm Beach, being similar to  Bridgehampton. Wellington is home to many horse farms and polo fields, but I didn’t know about the unique Aero Club community!

I toured the Aero Club community.

To my amazement, it’s an aeronautical community of about 240 homes — including many with hangars for their private planes and even a lighted 4,000-foot runway. Eight runways fill the community and when you land you can “taxi” to your home. Only in America! 

Most Aero Club homeowners have their own hangar for their private planes.

As I drove through the neighborhood, I noticed streets with names like Take Off Place and Runway Road. Behind blocks of homes, there are long, grassy runways. There are even “for sale” signs that alert you that a house has a hanger and a pool. 

While the Aero Club is impressive, arguably the most well-known part of Wellington are the horse farms. I was happy to tour the horse farm owned by Dr. Michael and Catrine Golia, children of dear friends Joe and Rosalie Golia, of Douglaston, Queens

Also in Wellington is the newly opened Maxwell’s Plum. I dined there with friends Todd and Liz Shapiro, my extraordinary events team leader Demetra Mattone and new friend Jim Leach.

Celebrating Todd and Liz Shapiro’s anniversary with Jim Leach, Rob Rich and Demetra Mattone.
Bruce Siegel and his wife Lisl, seen at Maxwell’s Plum. 

Jenny Oz LeRoy, a longtime Wellington resident, has recently opened the legendary Manhattan restaurant, once owned by her father.

Maxwell’s Plum had been described in a 1988 New York Times article as a, “flamboyant restaurant” owned by Warner LeRoy featuring over-the-top Art Nouveau decor, as well as kaleidoscope stained glass ceilings and walls.

Jenny, also an award-winning horsewomen, opened the Maxwell’s Plum on South Shore Boulevard

Only a month after its opening, it’s already established as a go-to destination with an excellent American cuisine menu!

While dining, I met The Colony Hotel’s “master of the house,” General Manager Bruce Siegel, and his wife Lisl, who runs the hotel’s HR department. Also, there was star photographer from the Hamptons, Rob Rich.

I also met Jenny’s powerful equestrian friends who invited me to the International Polo Club’s weekly Sunday match in Wellington!

Never a dull moment in beautiful Florida!