LaRussa Dance Theatre sells out 13th annual festival in Middle Village

Continuum by Nanc Brier. (Photo by Rafael X)

The LaRussa Dance Festival sold out its fall showing for the 13th consecutive year on Sunday, Oct. 9, featuring a combination of five contemporary modern and musical theater companies at the LaRussa outdoor stage in Middle Village. 

(Photo by Alexanna Brier)

Sponsors of the local event included Councilman Robert Holden, state Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., the Department of Youth and Community Development and ART NEW YORK.

“The area is lacking in professional arts and dance events. It is always our mission to bring the best of performing arts education to our community,” owner Salvatore LaRussa said. “We bring these performances to the neighborhood in hopes that they will enjoy it and seek more.”

Continuum by Nancy Brier (Photo by Alexanna Brier)

LaRussa opened his studio in Middle Village 17 years ago, since there was nothing like it in the neighborhood before. LaRussa grew up in Middle Village and said that he always had to travel to Manhattan to find an outlet for his creativity. 

“We encourage our students and community to come and see these performances and they all show up and are surprised to see something they have never seen before,” LaRussa said.

LaRussa said his theater recently started a fall children’s performing arts program.

For more information, visit sldt.org.

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