Officers from Queens’ 104th Precinct bust alleged animal abuser during car stop on Woodhaven Boulevard

(Photo via @NYPD104Pct on Twitter)

Officers from the 104th Precinct on Saturday, Nov. 26, saved several puppies and an emaciated dog during a car stop where the dogs were seen in a container with no access to food, water or adequate space, according to authorities.

Police said that at approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday, officers stopped the vehicle heading southbound on Woodhaven Boulevard because of the excessive noise from the loud exhaust.

(Photo via @NYPD104Pct on Twitter)
Photo via @NYPD104Pct on Twitter

During the stop, officers observed the dogs in inadequate conditions. The driver, Ravon Service, 27, of Philidelphia, was charged with unreasonable noise and multiple counts of animal cruelty. 

Local Councilman Robert Holden applauded the 104th Precinct in a Facebook post following the incident.

“Great job by our NYPD 104th Precinct officers who not only enforced a loud vehicle noise violation but also uncovered an awful case of animal abuse,” Holden wrote. “We’re judged as a society based on how we treat our animals, and these dogs endured terrible torture. Throw the book at this individual, and let’s find them all loving homes!”

In a separate post, Holden connected this crime to an instance of animal cruelty last year. 

“This seems to be the same individual caught last year torturing animals and assaulting a landlord,” Holden wrote. “People like this should never see the light of day, yet we release them back to the public to continue their crimes.”

The New York Post reported in October of 2021 that Landlord Kennisha Gilbert, 40, was assaulted by her tenant, Service, after reporting him for animal abuse. 

Service was previously busted for keeping 20 dogs in “deplorable” conditions in his Brooklyn apartment, as reported by the Post. He was released and returned home later that night when he allegedly assaulted Gilbert.