J. Crew Factory coming to Bay Terrace Shopping Center


J. Crew Factory will be opening up a location at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center either toward the end of spring or at the beginning of summer, according to Cord Meyer Development Company. The lease was signed to take up 5,741 square feet of space.

“Despite global shifts in shopping trends, Cord Meyer Development is committed to creating a successful and exciting mixed-use experience at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center,” Cord Meyer Development Company Vice President Controller Joe Forgione said. “J. Crew is the most recent tenant that wants to be a part of that future. Hosting events, partnering with community groups and constantly growing and renovating helps foster a “town center” environment. We welcome J. Crew and look forward to them opening soon.”

Many members of the community are happy to see a new store coming to the shopping center. They feel it gives them another place to shop there while also making it so there is one less empty space. Additionally, some expressed their preference for being able to physically shop at a clothing store rather than online.

“The rise of online shopping during COVID has replaced many stores,” Bayside resident Lynn Tyas Pruden said. “But there is still nothing better than seeing and feeling a product before purchasing it.”

Another positive factor residents noted of the store coming ton the Bay Terrace Shopping Center was the fact that many wouldn’t have to drive as far in order to go shopping for the clothes they are looking for. Additionally, some felt that the area would be perfect for a factory store such as this.

“Although I don’t buy anything from J. Crew, [I think it] is a good fit for Bay Terrace,” Bayside resident Peter Zhao said. “The clothing shop that’s closest in class to J. Crew is Express. In my opinion,  J.Crew is like Banana Republic. It’s a good fit for Bay Terrace.”

“I am looking forward to shopping there,” Bayside resident Rachelle Ventura said. “Although it is a Factory, the items are similar to regular J. Crew in price and quality for basics – though slightly discounted. J. Crew Cuts also offers children’s clothing. I think it will bring new shoppers or old shoppers back to Bay Terrace since a lot of stores have closed.”