Crunching the Queens crime stats: Number of rapes decrease, while robberies increase

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The NYPD recently released the crime stats for northern and southern Queens from the week of Sept. 4 to Sept. 10, comparing the trends to the same dates last year. While the crime stats for the previous week mostly followed the same trend, this week’s is more mixed, with the number of rape incidents decreasing and the amount of robberies increasing.

QNS illustration
QNS illustration

One thing that remained relatively the same in both northern and southern Queens was the amount of murder cases. The two areas combined for just one, matching the total from the same dates in 2022. This week’s total also matches the amount of cases last week.

There were a total of four rape cases in northern Queens during the week. While this represents an overall decrease from the five last year, the number of cases increased in the 108th, 110th and 114th precincts. They also went down in the 104th, 109th and 115th precincts. Southern Queens experienced a more significant decrease, from eight cases last year to four this year.

Robbery cases in northern Queens experienced a large increase compared to last year, rising from 35 cases to 56. The only precinct to experience a decline in cases was the 109th, which went from seven to six. Southern Queens, meanwhile, experienced a large decline, from 40 cases to 23. Only the 107th Precinct saw a rise in cases, from one last year to four this year.

The number of felony assault cases in northern Queens experienced very little change in total, going up from 55 to 56. However, there were certain precincts that experienced significant changes. The 108th (two to nine) and 115th (five to 11) precincts both saw large increases, while the 111th (six to one) and 114th (11 to five) saw significant decreases.

Southern Queens experienced a much larger increase in felony assault cases, rising from 39 to 54. Only the 101st Precinct saw a decline, going down from seven to four. The 107th and 113th precincts saw no change. The largest increase was seen in the 105th Precinct, which rose from five cases last year to 12 this year.

Just as was the case for last week, burglaries in northern Queens are continuing to trend down, lowering from 48 last year to 42 this year. The 104th, 109th, 111th and 114th precincts each experienced a decline in cases. Additionally, the 112th Precinct saw no change. The decline was also experienced in southern Queens, going down from 34 to 25 cases. Despite the overall decrease, the 107th Precinct saw a surge in burglaries, rising from six to 11.

While northern Queens as a whole has seen a lot of grand larceny case, the number has gone down compared to last year, from 117 to 108. The 104th (10 to 15) and 105th (12 to 18) precincts saw the largest increases. The 111th Precinct saw a massive decline, from 20 cases this time last year to three this year.

Despite not seeing nearly as many grand larceny cases as northern Queens, southern Queens has seen the amount rise from 54 to 73. Each precinct except for the 103rd and 113th saw a rise in cases, including an increase from six to 13 in the 106th Precinct.

Grand larceny of automobiles experienced an increase from 51 to 65 cases in northern Queens. Some of the largest changes were seen within the confines of the 104th (six to 11), 109th (seven to 12) and 115th (eight to 14) precincts. Southern Queens also experienced an increase, albeit from a lower scale; cases there rose from 26 to 34. The increase was largely due to the 105th Precinct seeing cases double from six to 12 and three to six in the 105th and 106th precincts.