Maurer Foundation continuing to provide critical breast cancer education

Photo via Getty Images

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that breast cancer came into the mainstream. Prior to then, it was a hidden disease and taboo topic amongst those in America.

Recognizing the need amongst patients of her Long Island practice for basic breast health education, breast surgeon Dr. Virginia Maurer established the Maurer Foundation in 1995. At first, she reached only the patients in her waiting room, but the need continued to grow. The Maurer Foundation is now in over 80% of schools on Long Island, educating more than 460,000 individuals. Now, it is expanding its reach in New York City, looking to reach many more high school students in the five boroughs, not just during breast cancer awareness month, but all year long.

The Maurer Foundation offers breast health programs to individuals in high school, college and the community at large. The Maurer Foundation has been committed to saving lives through breast health education that focuses on breast cancer prevention, early detection, risk reduction and healthy lifestyle choices since its establishment 28 years ago. Certified educators provide comprehensive and accurate breast health information through engaging and interactive programs. These programs empower students to reduce their risk of breast cancer and give participants the tools necessary to find breast cancer at its earliest stage. These programs have a long history of success, from high school students sharing information with family members and thus leading to the discovery of breast cancer, to program participants remembering what breast health models feel like and discovering their own lumps.

To schedule a breast health program for your classroom, community group or business, or simply to learn more about how to advocate for your breast health visit maurerfoundation.org.