Police officers rescue blind dog from ‘frigid’ Jamaica pond

Body camera footage showed police rescuing a blind dog from Bailey Pond in Jamaica.
Screenshot via NYPD

On Halloween morning, when the temperature was hovering around 40 degrees, 911 calls reporting a dog drowning in Baisley Pond in Jamaica were relayed to local police. 

Two officers from the 113th Precinct, which covers southeastern Queens, responded to the incident at 8:30 a.m. and successfully rescued Sparky, the 8-year old Border Collie. The NYPD also mentioned that the dog is blind. 

Body camera footage shared to X by the NYPD shows Officers Williams and Espositio entering the murky swamp-like water and wading through vegetation to reach Sparky. 

“Pup, you’re okay, you’re okay,” Officer Esposito calls out once he spots Sparky’s black coat among weeds.

For a couple seconds, Sparky doesn’t appear to be moving or responding to the sounds of the officers. But once Officer Esposito gets closer and puts his hands on Sparkly to lift him out of the water by his fur, he starts to appear conscious. 

After wading through the water with Sparky in his hands, Officer Esposito places him on the ground safely. And after catching his breath, he is seen relaying the message on his radio before placing the pup in the back seat of their patrol car. He then covered Sparkly with a coat to warm him up. 

“I can’t feel anything,” Officer Esposito tells his partner before asking him to “blast the heat” inside the car. 

The officers themselves were soaked up to their necks after venturing into the pond with their uniforms. They did not appear to be wearing any waterproof or protective equipment. 

The NYPD confirmed that Sparky was reunited with its owners after the rescue. 

“NYPD officers go above and beyond for those we serve — and their pets,” said NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban on X. “Great job by @NYPD113Pct Officers Williams & Esposito for their quick actions to save this pup!”