RESULTS: Middle Village Players Roller Hockey League powers through a rain-filled October

Volunteer coach Joey Pagano, from Mcclancy High School, with players from the Bears.
Photo courtesy Paul Pogozelski

Washed out over multiple weekends of rain throughout October, the Middle Village Players Roller Hockey League powered through scattered scheduled games and came out with some great games overall. 

On Monday, Oct. 9, after a long holiday weekend following Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day, the first set of games saw The High Flyers against the Bears and the Jets vs. the Hawks.

The High Flyers beat the Bears, with a strong showing of force from their second line. Patrick Burbula (No. 8) scored his first goal of the season. Only two goals were able to make their way past goalie Scottie (No. 1). The Bear’s goalie, Jack (No. 1), recorded 20 saves in the game, giving a good effort in keeping the team in the game. Conor (No. 8), from the Bears, also scored his first goal of the season.

Meanwhile, the Hawks won over the Jets 8-6. Jake Browne (No. 11) of the Hawks became the league leader in goals with 17 and points with 21.

The Jets had a tremendous comeback from being down 7-2 in the game, narrowing the deficit to 7-6 prior to the Hawks netting one more insurance goal in the final minute of the game. From the Jets, Paulie (No. 27) scored a hat trick, giving him 12 goals on the season.

The following week of games were rescheduled due to intense rain showers for the weekend, so two games were held on Friday, Oct. 13 and Monday, Oct. 16. 

The Bears returned for a victory over the Jets (5-4) and the High Flyers claimed their space in the fight for the skies over the Hawks (6-4). 

In their seventh week of games, on Monday, Oct. 23, after the fifth straight Saturday of rain, the High Flyers defeated the Jets (5-2). The Bears outlasted the Hawks in a high-scoring frenzy, 16-10. Jack (No. 1) and Daniel K (No. 4) each recorded seven goals for the Bears. The Hawks also had multiple goals by Mason (No. 21), Frank (No. 17) and Mathew (No. 10). The first-ever penalty shot in league history was also taken during the game. Gino (No. 1) from the Hawks stopped Daniel K. (No. 4) to preserve the team’s lead. 

In the eighth week of games, The Hawks beat the Jets, led by Mason’s (No. 21) huge multi-goal game. In the second game, the High Flyers beat the Bears to clinch first place as the league prepares to enter the playoffs on Saturday, Nov. 11. 

Full scores and standings can be found at mvproller.com. Additional information was provided by MVP Roller Hockey League President Paul Pogozelski.

Emily Ramos contributed to this story.