There are few politicians who are sincerely in the game to help the people. After all, look how they are being indicted one after the other. They con the people for votes, then rob them.

I have a friend who is a state senator in New Jersey. The state is spraying malathion constantly. They stopped spraying it in New York after we showed former Mayor Rudy Giuliani research on how it causes cancer.

My friend has an autistic child. There is research to show malathion causes autism and other immune diseases. He refuses to bring it up in his state’s Legislature because he will lose friends and votes, since New Jersey is an agricultural state.

And he will not be re-elected for sure.

The same thing is happening here in Bayside. Little Bay Park has been completely dug up to expand the parking lot and put in comfort stations. Both are extremely necessary.

But there were wetlands all around the park that were dug up. State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) knows this for a fact. We were both on a committee when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers refused to allow the roller rink to be built in that area because of the wetlands.

The city Parks Department was asked about this and told a reporter to tell me to prove it. Avella can prove it, but he is keeping quiet because he wants to be re-elected for the same reason my friend is allowing his constituents to be poisoned by a pesticide in New Jersey.

For the almighty vote.

The lack of integrity and the desperation for votes by our elected officials makes me lose my comfort in trusting their honesty.

Joyce Shepard


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