What are Queens’ top tunes? Ask Pandora.

The Internet radio’s data science team investigated New York City’s musical tastes by determining the top three Pandora stations created in August in various neighborhoods.

Two Queens neighborhoods, central Queens and Jamaica, were featured on the list.

According to the results, central Queens residents are listening to “2000s Rock,” “Classical Guitar” and “Punjabi Hits” (music from the Punjab region of South Asia, which includes parts of Pakistan and India).

In Jamaica, “Hindi Bollywood Hits,” “Gospel” and “Today’s Gospel” took the top spots.

Other neighborhoods studied throughout the five boroughs included the Upper West Side, where “Classical,” “Yoga” and “Toddler” were popular; the Lower East Side, where “Indie Dance,” “Laid-Back Beach Music” and “Indie Rock” reigned; and the central Bronx, where residents most often created stations for “Boleros,” “Latin” and “Bachata Dominicana.”

View the complete list here.

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