Photo: Screenshot via NBC New York
Patrick Clarke with Yolanda Vega, who presented him with a check for $5,000,000.

One Queens man received the best birthday gift of his life — a jackpot guaranteeing him $5,000,000 from the New York Lottery.

Cambria Heights resident Patrick Clarke purchased a $10 “Set for Life” scratch-off ticket on Tuesday, Dec. 20, which happened to be his 28th birthday. Little did he know, this ticket would hold the jackpot.

The Delta Airlines ramp agent said he has his mom to thank for his good fortune.

“My mom called and wanted me to do a favor for her and she gave me some money as a thank you,” Clarke explained. “I knew right away I wanted to buy a lottery ticket and knew it had to be ‘Set for Life.’ That’s always been my mom’s game and it’s my game now.”

Clarke purchased the winning ticket at Friendly Deli & Grocery on Saratoga Avenue in Brooklyn. He went to his girlfriend’s house after and found out he had the winning ticket.

“I was very surprised that I won the jackpot and feel very blessed. It means I won’t have to worry so much. There will always be something to worry about, but for once, it won’t be about money.”

The “Set For Life” scratch-off ticket guarantees a minimum payout of $5,000,000. Clarke opted for the one-time lump sum payment, which totaled $2,453,693 after taxes.

Clarke was the 95 New York Lottery player to claim a prize of $1,000,000 or more in 2016.


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