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While it’s no secret that New York City is an expensive place to live in, some neighborhood streets offer much cheaper options compared to the rest of the city.

PropertyClub recently released a report that rounded up the 50 most affordable residential streets in New York City between January and September 2019. According to their findings, 15 Queens streets are among the most affordable, with four of those streets in the top 10.

At number six on the list, 34th Avenue was deemed the most affordable residential street in Queens with a median sale price of $328,310. Following right behind at number seven is Queens Boulevard, with a median sales price of $360,000.

Grand Central Parkway holds the number nine spot with a median sales price of $425,880. At number 10 is 63rd Drive with a median sales price of $428,922. At numbers 11, 14, 15 and 16, you’ll find Parsons Boulevard, Francis Lewis Boulevard, Union Turnpike and 37th Avenue, respectively. Those streets had median sale prices of $458,582, $510,000, $544,764 and $559,000, respectively.

As the report heads deeper into the list, Bay Club Drive finds itself at number 25 with a median sale price of $630,000. Following behind at number 26 is 77th Street with a median sale price of $637,000. Seventy-eighth Street and 76th Street hold the 28th and 29th spots on the list, with median sale prices of $695,000 and $710,000, respectively.

Rounding out the bottom of the top 50 most affordable streets is Jackson Avenue (number 41) with a median sale price of $894,219, 72nd Road (number 44) with a median sale price of $948,195, and 40th Road (number 49) with a median sale price of $1,093,752.

To read the full report, visit propertyclub.nyc/article/the-50-most-affordable-streets-and-neighborhoods-in-nyc.


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