Photo courtesy of Christ the King High School
From left, back row: Mr. Jans, Christian Wong, Krystian Makocki, Nichlas Celis, Ian Baksh, Gregory Jans, Omar Figueroa, Adonis Cusu, Mr. Baran, JeanPierre Paniagua; from left, front row: Ms. Tully, Elvis Soto, Milana Haripersaud, Samantha Fernandes, Diego Espada, Xavier Espada, Isabelle Baksh, Charlie Sconiers.

The Christ the King speech and debate team started started the season strong with a string of wins over its first two tournaments.  

At the first Brooklyn-Queens Catholic Forensic League tournament on Oct. 12, Gregory Jans and Elvis Soto led the pack as first place champions of varsity PF Debate even though they were competing up a level from their group.

In addition to Jans and Soto, Christian Wong, Krystian Makocki and Samantha Fernandes led the team with award-winning individual performances. Fernandes debuted as intermediate and placed even though she qualifies as novice.

On Oct. 26 the teams were awarded first place overall in debate. They also took overall fourth place in speech, third place in student congress.  

Jans, Soto, Fernandes, Makocki all received awards again in addition to Diego Espada, Ian Baksh, JeanPierre Paniagua and Isabelle Baksh. 


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