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Dr. Ronit Vilan
Dr. Ronit Vilan

Infertility stress can wreak havoc on any couple trying to bring a child into the world. The extreme physical and emotional toll the treatments can take are extreme enough – add in the financial cost and the frustration is enough to bring someone to tears.

That is why Dr. Ronit Vilan of Bayside Chiropractic is taking a proactive approach to infertility treatments with tele-seminars aimed at educating prospective parents with the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Vilan’s innovative treatment offers safe, natural, drugless, cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to difficult and costly medical treatments. Dr. Vilan employs a new and innovative approach to reproductive issues based on the philosophy of total body wellness.

“It’s an epidemic,” said Vilan about infertility. “One in five couples deal with this issue. I wanted to give them an option to call in get help anonymously over the phone.”

Vilan, a practicing chiropractor for more than 20 years, said that infertility drugs and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) carry a host of potential side effects. And these treatments are very costly, too. Vilan believes that while sometimes necessary, these treatments should be supplemented with her chiropractic approach.

“Chiropractors look at the functions of the body,” she said, explaining that her treatment goes beyond medicine. “A misalignment of the spine can wreak havoc on the body – problems with the neck or any area of the back can relate to not being able to have a baby.”

This method should be the first step in any patient’s course of care for infertility, providing the incentive to discover why the issue persists and how to properly restore the reproductive system to natural order. For patients pursuing medical options such as IVF, chiropractic care with Vilan can complement their procedures and focus on achieving total body wellness to accelerate progress. Bayside Chiropractic is a safe and friendly environment dedicated to alternative courses of treatment for infertility

“There are a lot of couples who are at the end of their rope, they’ve wasted a lot of money and they feel like they’ve done all they can,” she said. “Now they can try something else – something that will treat their entire body.”

Those looking for treatment can do so through Vilan’s tele-seminars. She is holding two – October 19 and October 26 – both at 7:30 p.m. Interested parties can dial into the conference call at 530-881-1000 using access code 494524.

For more information, patients can call her Bayside office at 718-279-9485 or visit her web site at Vilan’s office is located at 210-08 Northern Boulevard, Suite 3 in Bayside.


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