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Meet this week's Star of Queens: Bobby Sher, board president of Bell Park Manor Terrace.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: As board president of Bell Park Manor Terrace, Bobby Sher has made countless positive improvements to the living situations of the shareholders residing there.

“Everything from high-tech security cameras to working with the Department of Buildings to allowing shareholders to have the option of building new patios, basements, private entrances, electric awnings, etc.”

Sher intends to keep evolving the community toward the 21st century with more storage availability and various technological upgrades. “Residents appreciate anything that makes their lives a bit easier.” Sher also branches out in assisting the surrounding community and developing a better quality of life for the citizens.

BACKGROUND: Sher’s father moved to Bell Park Manor Terrace after returning from World War II. Though Sher moved out at 17 years old, he returned to live there some years later.

“After a successful career in show business, running a music/entertainment business, owning a production company and finally as a board member at the North Shore Towers co-op, I think that I have learned and know how to work with people. I know how to get things done.”

FAVORITE MEMORY: When the property owner of the local Key Foods did not want to renew the lease, Sher created a “Save Our Supermarket” campaign.

“For many of our senior residents who no longer drove cars, this was the only place to purchase basic needs only a few short steps from their apartments.”

By working with civic leaders, politicians and the media to create a protest march through the local streets, the property owner ended up renewing the lease for 15 years. “It was a gratifying experience to say the least,” said Sher.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Sher wants to implement a Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) Program within the Van Buren district with hopes of reversing the large percentage of local students not attending district schools. With P-TECH, Sher said, “students would receive a free associates degree and an internship with companies such as IBM…free college education and a job with a future. I believe that many parents would want to send their kids to attend such a program and it will restore the reputation of Van Buren, bringing it once again to be a school of excellence.”

INSPIRATION: “When you upgrade the face of a community, I believe that exponential growth of real estate values follow right behind. It is not an easy task, but I am a fighter and the love of my community will always be the impetus of my drive and my resolve.”




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