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Photo via Shutterstock
Photo via Shutterstock

Bayside, Douglaston and Little Neck has seen several tires and rims thefts in recent weeks, and police are asking residents to stay vigilant.

Captain Genevieve Isom informed attendees of the crime trend at the 111th Precinct’s Community Council meeting on Oct. 3. While the tire and rim thefts have been driving up the precinct’s grand larceny numbers, Isom said, the precinct was otherwise down in every major crime year over year.

Police Officer Steven Rosa said thieves were mainly targeting Honda models — mostly Accords and CR-Vs. Nissan and Toyota models are also being singled out.

Rosa suggested car owners use lug nut and wheel locks to make tire and rim removal more difficult, and encouraged residents not to leave the lock keys in the glove compartment or spare tire compartment where thieves can access them.

Rosa also suggested parking next to a high curb and turning car wheels all the way to one side. Both of these tactics make it harder to remove the tires and rims, deterring perpetrators. Cars should also be parked in a well-lit area or in a personal garage, if you have one.

As the bulk of these thefts occur in the middle of the night, police said, residents are asked to pay attention to suspicious people or vehicles on their block. Tire and rim thieves generally work in groups and might be using more than one car, authorities noted. Any suspicious activity should be reported to 911 and can be given anonymously.

Finally, any alarms a car may have should always be activated, and video cameras in front of a home can also act as a deterrent.

For more information, contact the precinct’s Crime Prevention Unit at 718-279-5215.


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