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Two City Officials Victims Of Racial Bias By Police In Queens

Two of the City’s most prominent African-American figures — both Queens residents — have reportedly been on the receiving end of racial bias from police. One of them is Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s own Deputy Mayor, Rudy Washington.
The other victim was reportedly the Rev. Floyd Flake, a former Congressman and an outspoken supporter of the Mayor in the past. It has been confirmed that both men personally briefed Giuliani about their experiences of racial harassment and the Mayor is said by sources in City Hall to have been "greatly affected" by their stories.
Washington, the highest ranking black official in the Giuliani administration, told of being the recipient of harassment from white cops on more than one occasion. One particular incident which Washington related to the Mayor last week was a confrontation in which his car was pulled over near his home in southeast Queens. The officer was so abusive that the incident drove his wife to tears. Washington has turned down press requests to give details of his traumatic encounter publicly. But Giuliani said he respects his aide’s request for confidentiality, adding "But I can tell you that I will be very careful in the analysis of the situation. He’s exceptionally insightful." It is not clear why Washington’s car was pulled over but Washington said that he had felt bullied by the officers and it was because of his race. The incident ended when another officer came by and recognized Washington as a Deputy Mayor.
Flake related his own incident in which, when he was still a Congressman, he was insulted with a racial slur by a police officer in Queens. Flake also shared with Giuliani stories of racial harassment by police that occurred to members of his congregation at the Allen AME Church in St. Albans.
The conversations Giuliani has had with Flake and others is part of an effort by the Mayor to reach out to members of the African-American and minority communities in the wake of the Diallo shooting. That event had led to a series of daily demonstrations at One Police Plaza during which such prominent black leaders as Flake, former Mayor David Dinkins and N.Y. State Comptroller Carl McCall were arrested.
Flake is prominent not only as a former Congressman and religious leader, but as a driving economic and social force in southeast Queens. Although he is a Democrat, he has been touted by some Republican leaders such as former Senator Al D’Amato as a possible future mayoral candidate.
Washington, 44, is a former general contractor who had unsuccessfully run for a number of Queens public offices and he was a major player in Giuliani’s two campaigns for Mayor. As deputy Mayor he is in charge of Community Development and Business Services.

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