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Live poultry store postpones opening

By Michael Morton

The store, at 98-04 Springfield Blvd., passed an inspection of its sewers conducted by the DEP Friday, concluding a lengthy review process, the spokesman said. The store's owner received final approval after installing devices to stop grease and solid matter from entering the sewer system.

But in a separate review on a different date, the DEP water inspectors found that the store did not have a device installed to prevent grease and oil from being sucked back into the water system, the spokesman said. He added that the department sent a letter Jan. 20 to the store detailing this requirement but had not heard back from the store's owner.

The owner was identified by community leaders as Sheik Anis of Queens Village. Directory assistance identified his shop as Zameer's Live Poultry Store, but the phone number the service provided has been temporarily disconnected. Anis could not be reached for comment.

The opening of the poultry store is opposed by many community leaders, chief among them state Assemblywoman Barbara Clark (D-Queens Village). She has said that while the store does not violate any local zoning laws, she thinks it is inappropriate for the block, a mixture of residences, businesses and a church with a day care facility.

Clark has said the store, where live chickens would be butchered, would be unbearably smelly for its neighbors and would attract rats and other vermin. She has been joined in her opposition by other community leaders and many area residents and business owners.

“I think he will work hard to try to fix this,” Clark said, referring to Anis and the obstacles he faces. If Anis manages to pass all his inspections, Clark said she will take her case to the top.

“I'll be talking to the mayor and the Queen's borough president to see what they can do to stop it,” she said.

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