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103rd cops look for homicide clues at Jamaica church

By Michael Morton

The detectives did not find anything at the house of worship, the Amity Baptist Church at 164-10 108th Ave., police said. A source from the 103rd Precinct said the tip came from the nearby 113th Precinct, but that “it was unfounded.” The 113th could not be reached for comment, and police would not specify for which murder they hoped to find evidence.Neighbors reported that officers brought police dogs into the basement of the annex and broke up a concrete handicap ramp so they could sift around in the dirt underneath. Neighbors speculated that the detectives were looking for clues into either a double homicide from 1991 or a murder in the 1970s. The details of those killings could not be determined. Though no one directly saw anything that would indicate otherwise, some residents thought the police were trying to keep their investigation quiet and just did not demonstrate that they had found anything.”They're just not telling nobody,” said an 18-year-old woman who declined to give her name. A man at the church's main building said he did not know anything about the investigation.

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