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Where Is Queens’ Cheapest Gas?

Not so long ago, around this time last year, drivers around the country were concerned about gas prices rising above the $2.00-per-gallon mark.
Now drivers are praying gas will simply stay below $3.00-per-gallon.
In the past six months alone, there has been a 50-cent increase in gas prices in the tri-state area, according to www.NewYorkGasPrices.com, a website that monitors prices around the state.
In September 2004, the average gas price in N.Y. was $2.00. Currently it stands at $2.53. At this skyrocketing rate, that price may be considered a steal by the time you reach the end of this article.
Queens has been no exception to this trend, but there are some areas where the blow to your wallet can be softened.
To help you in this ongoing battle, The Queens Courier went out in search of the cheapest prices in the borough.
If you can beat these, please let us know by emailing editorial@queenscourier.com. We will print readers’ updates as to the cheapest gas, so you don’t have to waste a tank finding it yourself. Here’s what we found:
“How aggressive stations are in their pricing depends mainly on what else the station offers,” he said. “Stations with large convenience stores or repair stations attached have more sources of income besides the gas. Therefore, they can drop their prices. Also, refinaries charge different prices for the gas depending on the zone a particular station may be.”
With no relief in sight, Jason offered drivers tips on how to get the most out of a tank:
David Cargin is a freelance writer.

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